Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm PU Carpet Underlay Per M2


  • Brand Leader
  • 11mm Thickness
  • 3.1 TOG
  • 43db Noise Reduction
  • 1.37m Width
  • Order per m2
  • Minimal Waste
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Ball & Young Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm Carpet PU Underlay.

Manufactured in the UK by Ball & Young to the highest of standards. This brand leading underlay is a high quality product suitable for all locations within your home.

Provides a comfortable feeling and an excellent sound barrier too. PU Underlay gives additional thermal protection to cold floors. Not suitable with underfloor heating.

This sort of underlay is very easy to fit using a sharp Stanley knife. Secure into place with either staples (wood floors) or spray adhesive (hard floors).

Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm PU Underlay Specifications:-

  • 11mm Thickness
  • Luxury Usage
  • 3.1 TOG
  • 43db Noise Reduction
  • Cloud 9 APT core with stitch bonded crepe paper and white non-woven fabric
  • 1.37m Roll Width
  • 11m Approx Length

You will receive the amount in square meters. Roll width is 1.37m. If you need assistance in working out how much you need please feel free to ask.

If you need to order 55m2 then you need to add 15m2 x 3 & 10m2 x 1 to make up 55m2. Hope this helps you work out what you have to add…

Additional information

Square Meters

10m2, 15m2, 5m2


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